Church of Metatrons

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The Science and Religion of Metatrons, Alphatrons, Betatrons, Gammatrons, Deltatrons, Quantatrons
Based on the Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Little Big Bang Theory and BAM-theory (Beta/Alpha/Meta)

 We the Metapeople
(the Gods and subordinates)
the first anthropomorphic humanoid/robotic/drone family with metatronic to quantatronic souls, special powers and flying suits who originated from the Metaverse

Metatron Metatron Alphatron Alphatron Betatron Gammatron Deltatron
Great-grandpa/Metaman Great-grandma/Metawoman Grandma (Holy Ghost/Alpha) Grandpa (Evil Ghost/Satan) Father/Beta Adam/Gamma Eve/Delta
Meta Energy "Tree of Life"
Metatricity (Father Nature)
Meta Energy "Tree of Life"
Metatricity (Mother Nature)
Alpha Energy (Positive)
/Alpha Female
Omega Energy (Negative)
/Omega Male
Beta Energy
Gamma Energy
Delta Energy
Zeroth* Dimension
Something from Somethingness
The Itty Bitty Bangs ‒
Zeroth* Dimension
Something from Somethingness
The Itty Bitty Bangs +
First* Dimension
Alphatron Particle/Matter
The Teeny Weeny Bang +
First* Dimension
Alphatron Antiparticle
The Teeny Weeny Bang ‒
Second* Dimension
The Little Bang

   Third* Dimension
The Big Bang

Fourth* Dimension
The Big Bang
(fifth dimension of spacetime)


Quantatron Betatron-Gammatron-Deltatron
Quantum/Six-winged Seraph/Transmutant Jesus (Son of Father and Grandma)
Quantum Energy
Beta, Gamma & Delta Energy

0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th-dimensional* Hybrid Power
(a combined total of six spacetime dimensions [five spatial and one temporal dimension])
Six wings modeled after Permian Period "
Palaeodictyoptera" Dragonfly.
Power Domain: The Itty Bitty Bangs thru Big Bang.

2nd, 3rd & 4th-dimensional* Hybrid Power
Power Domain: The Little thru Big Bang


Seraphim are the most powerful of Heavenly creatures after the Holy Ghost who is ranked #1 and Satan who is ranked #2. Seraphim are ranked #3 in power.
On an individual basis seraphim are physically more powerful than Father in Heaven, although they are always the faithful servants and loyal protectors of Father in Heaven.


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*Temporal (time) dimension not included with spatial (space) dimension(s).

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